Ko'olau Hui

Clearing the 'Auwai
It is amazing what a small group of hard working people can do. In half a day, community members eradicated cane grass, banana trees and shrubbery that severely overgrew one of the many streams that feed Wailua Nui Valley. Na Moku 'Aupuni o Ko'olau Hui is a non profit representing the concerns of residences within the Ko'olau region. Water quality and quantity remains an ongoing issue, so their organization continues a long standing legal battle against various A&B subsidiaries. Though East Maui Irrigation has claimed to have released over a handful of streams from being diverted, the results are barely apparent. The group stresses that releasing more water for their taro patches is just the first step. The health of all stream life should be accommodated for.  In order to achieve a healthy aquatic ecosystem, an abundance of water should be returned to provide comfortable living environments for the fish, prawn and various stream life. Until the water is restored to respectable stream flow levels, Na Moku volunteers work to clear their 'auwai systems. Cleaning out the waterways will ensure nothing will be wasted, once rightfully returned. Folow Ko‘olau Hui

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